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April 19, 2011


posted on facebook!

I would have "Believe in Dreams" stamped on one of your rings. I also like "Create".

I would want a ring that says "keep moving forward" to compel me to let things go and move on, or one that says "sing out loud" just to remind me to have fun and not be concerned with what others think.

I posted on Facebook about your contest.

Posted on facebook too! Thanks! I also love your "always dreaming" ring. :)

I tweeted about your contest.

I would like to win a ring for my wife since your jewelry is her favorite. I would want the words "with you always" on her ring. Thanks Amy. Your stuff always makes her smile.

And posted this on my facebook page as well. I hope I win because my friends are going to hound me for this. :)

"dream come true" We were married late in life and this July we will celebrate our 25th anniversary. He is indeed my dream come true.

I would have the names of my kids and my husband on a ring... circling around my finger just as they circle around in my mind and my heart - always.

I love the lyric "God bless the broken road" by Rascal Flatts. That one is sort of my husband and I's song and it means a lot to us and to our relationship. There are so many little pieces of song lyrics out there that are special to us, but that one brings a smile to my face!

I posted the contest on Facebook... Thank you for all the fun contests and new products.

This too shall pass. I remind myself constantly through good times and bad that it'll pass.

I posted on Facebook about it:!/Atreau/posts/168900613164877

I posted on Twitter about it:!/AtreauTX/status/60507083417722881.

I would like to win a ring for my granddaughter with the words "Always Remember" so she can look at that and be reminded of me and all the love and hope I have for her.

Can't means won't!

shared on fb

I think I would buy two more and put each of my kiddos names on one!!

It's hard to pick what I would have put on my ring.
To the moon and back comes to mind first or my daughter's name and birth date. I would like to pass it down to her when she is old enough.

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