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April 12, 2011


I loved making daisy chain necklaces!!!
I love giving simple cards- everyone loves snail mail. Either decorating a photo, or candy, funny saying- something extra to just make them smile! Plus I always decorate them with drawings and stickers! Nothing expensive- just a simple card!

I love to give homemade items, like crocheted hats or headbands.

I love giving flowers, they brighten the day!

I enjoy making homemade items, such as cards, t-shirts, etc to give to friends and family. It really shows I care.

I love giving hugs for one! You can't get much simpler than that. :) I also pick flowers for my mom still (even though I am an adult because she still loves them), and I love sending cards to friends just for fun because who doesn't enjoy getting a colorful "hello!" in the mail.

Also posted on facebook about your contest! Thanks!

I love giving something homemade. That way the person feels special!

Last year I learned how to make necklaces out of Scrabble tiles. For all my girlfriends, my mom, loved ones... I just LOVE making and giving them as gifts. They are unique and I can personalize them for whomever I'm gifting them to.

I love giving away my crafty endeavors such as beaded jewelry, quilts, pillowcases, and more.

a simple gift I like to give is a homemade meal to people when they have a baby or move into our neighborhood or just because. :) It's so fun to bless someone like that.

And LOVE the reference to "you've got mail" which is my all-time favorite movie!

I tweeted! @dlk3265 :-)

What a fantastic giveaway!

I love to bake cupcakes and give them as gifts ... There is something very comforting in baking something for someone!

I love to find out what little treat a person most enjoys and give them their favorite thing-whether it's a special candy, or a candle-whatever!


I like to give simple gifts of homemade cookies. Whether someone is having a good day or bad day, I think homemade cookies are always appropriate with a little note of encouragement or Scripture based on the occasion.

I love the daisy chain necklaces! I love making homemade granola for people! thanks for the lovely giveaway.

My signature little gift is snickerdoodle cookies! thank you for such a cute giveaway.

I love to make hand made flower pins out of fabric. I made some at Christmas and everyone just loved them! What a great giveaway this is!!

i love to give people the gift of the food they love to eat the most - people always tell you what it is if you listen closely enough!

I truly enjoy making homemade gifts of all sorts. There is something so relaxing and rewarding when making some little special gift from your heart for someone else to enjoy. Such a blessing. When I was a little girl my sister, brothers and I would always go out and pick "wild flowers" (weeds) and make bouquets for our mother, neighbor and grandmas. Now days, I love making jams and jellies, cookies and breads as gifts. But I also love making cards, decor items (for house warming gifts), jewelry, aprons, blankets and just about everything in between. (:

We used to make gum wrapper chains. I've made flower chains out of dandelions since we had a lot of those in our yard in PA.

I like to give away something I make, either sewn (pillow or bag) or one of my pottery pieces.The pottery is simple yet has many steps to make between creating on the wheel or by hand, drying, firing, glazing and second firing.

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