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April 06, 2011


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I've been holding back applying for a new job, not sure if I have enough experience to go to the next level.

my biggest dream is to open my own business. right now, the state of oklahoma does not allow home based baking business, so i just plan parties, and set up dessert tables, and make centerpieces. one day, when the cottage law in our state passes, i will be able to get liscensed and be able to open my cupcake and cake business!!! keep pushing for cottage laws!!! i have written and emailed my rep to get this law passed. i am pushing for my dream!! steph at [email protected]

Finances are definitely holding me back from fulfilling ALL of my dreams....but then I look at my two darling children and realize they are my two best dreams come true.

fear is my biggest obstacle. However I am climbing past it. For myself and for my son. Now I am a single mom and I want to show him (and myself) that challenges are just that...challenges, not solid truths or roadblocks

I have terrible anxiety and suffer from panic attacks. That is what's holding me back but I go to therapy and have made a lot of progress.

I think the biggest thing holding me back is that I constantly second guess my work. I have so many wonderful friends that are amazing photographers, and when I look at their work, it makes me feel like I'm not good enough. I know I'm still new to it, and I'm improving all the time, it's just frustrating being so far behind everyone else. I need to let go of that, and just do my thing. It's hard!

I Tweeted it! :)

I have HUGE dreams; helping women and children who have been victims of human trafficking is a small part of those dreams! The only thing holding me back are the people who don't believe in my dreams or me. Some people surrounding me laugh at my dreams, or say I'll never make them happen. And for some time I've let their words creep into my spirit and truly bring me down. Their doubts have held me back from dreaming without limits.

But I will NOT listen to those words of discouragement any longer.
And I WILL live my dreams.
I will surround myself with people who not only believe in me AND my dreams, but I will surround myself with others who SHARE my dreams.

I will be brave. I will dream big dreams.

"Impossible things are happening every day."

I tweeted this contest!! @alisonkbday

I tweeted. I love the new design!

I have to go with the majority - money is holding me back, or more correctly, lack of money! So I work more at my day job, but then I don't have time to follow my dream...hopefully one day I will be able to though :)

being self conscious is holding me back from my dreams, i AM going to push past it. i plan on eating healthier, working out, and taking better care of my body.


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Be brave...
I need to get that tattooed on my face as a daily reminder.
What's holding me back, fear. But that's obvious isn't it. Fear of depending on others. That's what is holding me back. I need to learn that not everyone will disappoint me.

I Tweeted about this giveaway!

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