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March 25, 2011


I discovered you from IDEA ROOM blog. LOVE your blog, jewelry and giveaways!

I discovered you from your etsy website ... and have been in love with your jewelry every since!

Hello amazing jewelry! I have absolutely no idea where I found you- but I have been on the mailing list for awhile. I believe I was looking for a sterling silver inspirational bracelet for my sister... perhaps I should attribute credit to Google? :-)
Love everything about you!

I first discovered you when I was starting up my crafting business (stained glass stepping stones...I have since moved on to jewelry) and I would frequent a forum (I forget the name of it now, but it was probably in 2001) that Amy posted on...of all the other forum members, I always thought Amy's posts were the most helpful and I was amazed that she was so willing to share her experiences and opinions with others. Then at some point I actually saw her jewelry and fell in love with it...a few years later purchased a necklace from a retail store selling her work.

A friend of mine tweeted a picture of a piece of your work a few weeks ago. It was instant love! I hit the blog regularly now and am dying to own a piece or two or three.

Just posted about your contest on my facebook. I love your pieces! I would have taken a picture of me wearing my "heal" necklace given to me by a friend during a tough time, but I passed it on to another friend when she was grieving the loss of her dad. It was a meaningful gift when I received it and again when I gave it away.

I first discovered Amy Peters from a BUST magazine ad. Squeeeee!

a dear friend of mine had a super cute boutique that started carrying amy peters jewelry ~ 2007. it was definitely love at first sight!! i thought, oh, if i could meet amy, i know we'd be best friends....... sadly, the little boutique closed about 2 years ago, but i still love amy's craft!!!

I can't remember exactly how I got here, but I know I was referred by another blog. I LOVE reading your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry! Anne, yourmainestamper

I fell in love with Amy Peters so long ago that I can't remember when I first heard of this site. For years while I was in graduate school I would check out all the amazing pieces I wanted when I was no longer a poor student. When I finally graduated 2 of my cousins bought me a bracelet that I have not taken off in almost 4 years. I am a part of a craft club and I would love to win the treasure chest. I can only imagine how fun it would be to create necklaces from all the amazing charms. I very excitedly posted on facebook and twitter. And I will sending in a picture of my wrist and the beautiful bracelet.

I discovered your blog through Facebook while looking at craft sites! I love making all sorts of crafts but especially jewelry! I love your jewelry! It's all really beautiful!!
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome contest!!!

Just became a fan of your Facebook page, and posted about your giveaway on my wall seen here:

I'm now following you on twitter & just tweeted about your weekend contest:

I discovered you via FB on your Lucky Contest over St Pattys day! You've got awesome charms and classic feel!

I tweeted on twitter: @violetrayphoto!/pages/VioletRay-Photography-by-Katrina-Weingart/169151346452879

is my FB post, but for some reason the hyperlink isn't working. >.< Lame... Hope i still count!

i tweeted on twitter

i first found out about you when i worked for a retailer that sold your jewelry!!! i worked for janice in scottsdale, az in 2003ish. i worked the kiosk at scottsdale fashion square and did markets sometimes.

I first heard about your site on Design Mom blog and since then I have visited your online store to drool several times.

i first heard about you from my girlfriend who loves your stuff.

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