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December 24, 2010


As a breast cancer survivor, I will pass them along to all the cancer survivors and their caregivers/friends/family that I meet at the hospital waiting room.
What a wonderful way to warm a heart of a stranger!

keep them in my pocket and pass them out to people in need! We all need a little reminder of the wonders of life now and then!!

I belong to a local moms group and Id love to pass them on to some of the moms who are struggling with the loss of a very dear friend. (Without going into full details a fellow mom and member of the group took her own life last week.) We could really use these in our circle right now. What an excellent giveaway! Happy holidays to you and yours! -Jessica

As the mother of a child with special needs, I'll keep one to give me a boost when needed, and I'll give the others to those who also may need a boost.

I will give them to people who need a smile and a little love in their life.

I am a special education teacher. I work with students, their parents and teachers who struggle daily with issues related to coping with all things life has dealt them. Providing others with little "pick me ups" will be great motivation and sharing of caring.

I would pass them along to strangers... Sometimes the simplist kindness is all a person needs to change around a situation.
Sheri Poston
Plano texas

Funny that you mention Melis. She is the first one I would give one to. We have both been banging our heads over what a crazy year it's been and how sometimes we feel like we are barely hanging on. The idea of slipping them into the hands of a stranger who you recognize is having a hard time is wonderful. Theres an old man who's been standing on the highway near my kids school with a sign that say's "needs food". I've stopped with groceries a couple of times. I'd like to give him one too.

These are so cute! I think I would use them in two ways, one to keep with me to give to others when the right opportunity arises and two, to give to my kids when they need a little inspiration and they love anything that looks like money! Of course I would suggest they pass them on to their friends as well and hopefully they would keep getting passed on!

I would do a couple things. I would keep 1 inspirational one that reminds me to always believe and have hope. My mom is in the hospital and has been all week and she isnt doing so well. I would take the other ones and give 1 each to my 3 daughters, 1 to my sister who is at the hospital all the time also and then I would pass the other ones on to the 1 lab tech that gets blood with the first poke, a nurse that goes out of her way and above and beyone to be compassionate, a stranger in the hallway that is need ect....Thank you Amy and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

I work in the civil filing department at a courthouse. Most of the paperwork I process is delivering bad news to someone. They are either filing for divorce having their property foreclosed on or being sued. I would like to use these tokens as little reminders to people that their is always a way ti find something positive. Thank you for this great opportunity to share with others.

When I just saw this I immediately thought of my mom, she passed away two months ago and it's been the single hardest thing in my life thus far. So I would keep one for me, to remind me of her and to be a reminder to be strong and carry on. I'm only 25 and I know there will be rough roads ahead. The others I can't wait to give to others going through similar struggles to help them see good and believe in hope and give them a similar strength. Thanks Amy.

I'll include them in Christmas Jars. Read the book, Christmas Jars, and you'll know why. Your concept relates VERY WELL to the message in the Christmas Jars. I love that you are doing this. Merry Christmas! ~Penny

I have a store and carry some of your line! I think I need to carry your pocket thoughts next season. Since the recession hit I have seen an increase in theft and in very stressed out customers as well as other stressed out retailers and business owners in my little seasonal village. I will keep one and look at it when I feel stressed out and feel like I just won't make it. The others I will pass out to cranky customers and stressed out fellow retailers! I love the idea! Thanks Amy. Merry Christmas.

I would love to share these pocket thoughts with several friends and family members that are going through a rough time right now. Several of my friends and their daughters, as well as myself, own your word rings that we purchase when we vacation in Florida. Keep up the great job! Love your products.Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I strongly believe in miracles! Through Facebook I became reunited to a group of friends I hadn't spoken to in years. I'm letting fate in and have it's way in my life. After a series of really rough years, I'm ready to face life with an open heart and mind. I like to connect to others who are going through hard times as well and help them live healthier lives.

i work in a -sometimes ruthless industry- i'm about to be out of a job at the end of the year (although it was mutual and i given several months notice) but becuase of a merger with another business in the area- (only 17 people were asked to stay on from that company) and only given a few weeks notice. i very much believe and live my life KNOWING- good things happen to good people... so everything will work out in the end.. but a pocket thought would be just what we need to push through and carry on especially during this holiday season. Thank you very much!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I love this idea. I have sent picket thought in cards to my friends and family, but I love the idea of a "random" pocket thought to a stranger. I would use mine to look outside myself and my comfort zone to connect with a stranger. Thank you for the inspiration.

This is a wonderful idea! Very much in the 'pay it forward' vein. Think of all of the people you will be touching by doing this! :) I would love to have them to be able to give them to my next door neighbor, a friend who may be having a tough day, my husband, etc. I can see a lot of possibilities with these :)

this is such a wonderful thing! i work in customer service for a major credit card company. i would have given one to a co-worker today. she was having such a bad day and just wanted to go home and spend time with her kids on christmas eve.

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